"Workers build all of the defenses and buildings in your kingdom. The more you have, the faster you can build!"


  • The Workshed is used to construst building and upgrade .The more Worksheds you have, the faster your kingdom grows!


  • You start the game with 2 Worksheds (2 workers).
  • You can have a maximum of 5 Worksheds, but the 3rd, 4th and 5th Worksheds are only purchased by Gems Gem Piece 2
  • the 3rd Worksheds' cost is 510Gem Piece 2, the 4th' cost is 1000Gem Piece 2, the 5th cost is 2000Gem Piece 2.
  • Things that need workers are building, upgrading and removing obstacles. Researching and training troops do not require free workers.
  • Note: Although Walls' upgrading time is instant, you still need free workers to do. Remember to use workers wisely to avoid being looted all your coins and spellstones.

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