A powerful warrior skilled in close-range combat.


  • It's very similar to a Barbarian in Clash of clans, a rifleman in Boom Beach and a gunner in pocket fort.
  • It's weak but you can use loads at the same time.
  • Warrior is the most basic troop and is the first one available for training in the Barracks.

Offensive StrategyEdit

  • Warriors are used commonly in most attacks generally as distractions for troops like Archers but they can also be particularly overwhelming in large numbers. These troops are also reasonably effective in gaining profits as they are relatively cheap to train.
  • they work best when spread out.

Specific InformationEdit

Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Type Movement Speed Barracks Level Required
All Melee (Ground Only) 1 18 seconds Ground 6 1
Level Damage  Hitpoints Training Cost  Research Cost  Armory Level Required Research Time
1 14 99 60 N/A N/A N/A
2 20 123 100 150,000 1 4 hours
3 25 152 160 400,000 3 1 day
4 32 184 220 1,600,000 5 4 days
5 41 221 350 8,100,000 8 17 days

KC Warrior 2Warrior (Level 3)

Tier 1 WarriorArcherThief
Tier 2 BearDemolitionistAssassinSummonerAirship
Tier 3 White MageIce WizardKnightDragon
Tier 4 UndeadIndara

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