• All Players and Alliances in good account standing are eligible to compete for Gems Gem Piece 2 in weekly tournaments.
  • All tournaments will run for a set amount of time which will countdown.
  • Once a tournament has ended, the results will be determined.
  • Once the results are determined, the winners will be announced, along with a countdown timer until the start of the next tournament.
  • Tournaments will run for both Players and Alliances, and Players are eligible to earn Gems Gem Piece 2 in both.


  • There will be two tournaments each week for Players and Alliances. Those whose Crowns Crown Piece are in top 3 will be awarded when the tournaments end.
  • Each tournament lasts 7 days, and a countdown timer will appear on the top left of the Rank Rank section.

Players TournamentEdit

  • Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 players with highest crowns.

Alliance Tournament1: 1st: 500 Gem Piece 2

Alliance Tournament2: 2nd: 250 Gem Piece 2

Alliance Tournament3: 3rd: 100 Gem Piece 2


Alliances TournamentEdit

Alliance Tournament1: 1st: 2000 Gem Piece 2

Alliance Tournament2: 2nd: 1000 Gem Piece 2

Alliance Tournament3: 3rd: 500 Gem Piece 2


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