The Player Info (Stats) is a summary of a player's information. In Kingdom Clash, there are currently Level, Experience, Crowns, Rank, Wins and Losses in a player's profile. You can also visit another player's Kingdom, but you can't do anything other than just seeing how their Kingdom looks like.


How to view a profileEdit

There are some ways for you to view your stats. The easiest way is tapping on the grey background of your Kingdom's name on the top left.


A player's stats can also be found in Rank Rank and Alliance Alliance. Press "STATS" and "VISIT" icons to see their profile and Kingdom.

In Rank, if you're out of top 50 rankings, keep scrolling down to the bottom, where your rank is shown.


Specific InformationEdit

Level & ExperienceEdit

Level and Experience reflect the upgrading process of players. The more they upgrade their Kingdom, the more experience they gain. Remember that destroying another Kingdom does not give you experience. Also note that depending on the upgrade and building also dictates the experience received. (Eg, upgrading a level 6 watchtower will give much more experience than upgrading a level 2 watchtower, also upgrading resource buildings seems to give larger amounts of experience over other buildings, note: this is unconfirmed)


Instead of experience, you gain crowns Crown Piece for winning a battle (destroy more than 50% of the Kingdom you attack). Otherwise, you lose them if you can't win the battle. (Note: The destruction of the royal hall counts for 30% plus the additional 2% from inflicting damage upon it)

You gain more and lose less crowns if your crowns are lower than your opponent's and vice versa.

The battle system will randomly choose an opponent whose crowns are approximate to yours in number.


Rank will be updated continuously based on your crowns. The more crowns you have, the higher your rank is. The top 50 highest rank players and alliances will be shown in Rank Rank. Other players not in the top 50 will be shown below these rankings.

Wins & LossesEdit

Wins and losses show the number of battles that you have won and lost so far, meaning if you win or lose a raid it accounts onto your stats as well as any defenses when you have not been online.