Basic Overwhelming StrategyEdit

This is a strategy which i use many times and is extremely effective. If constantly using this method you can collect lots of resources within an hour. This strategy consists of the two basic troops warriors and archers. Warriors are deployed in small groups not as a large group because fireball catapults and lightning cannons would easily defeat these troops due to their splash damage effects. Then archers are placed behind this troop can be placed in one group as generally the splash damage defenses are distracted by your warriors. This strategy is not extremely effective in gaining crowns, it is a slow method with about 60% success rate in raid but is usually used to gather the person's resources.

Ways of strengthening this method

The most vital part of this strategy is the improvement of army posts to make the overwhelming technique even more effective also the improvement of these troops using the armory and improving the barracks so more are trainable.

Note: It will take 14 ~ 16 minutes to train (with 135 troop capacity).

Keep skipping until you find a base with good resources (150k ~ 300k or more). Be careful when you face a strong player.