"The most powerful melee warrior!"

Level 1


  • Knight is the largest and highest attacking melee troop that you can get. As of 01/30/2014 hit points and damage have decreased dramatically. Damage has gone down at least 200 points alone. This is no longer the tank it once was. I am placing the new hp and damage for level 2 in the level 3 slot so you can see the difference.

Offensive StrategyEdit

  • 'Knight is used as a tank, both taking and dealing damage to its target, causing destruction. Knights are an effective replacement for Bears as they draw a large amount of the Defensive Buildings's attention and would also make a way for your Archers, Warriors and Thieves to gain access and beat the base.

Specific InformationEdit

Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Type Movement Speed Barracks Level Required
All Ground 15 15m 00s Ground 8 9
Level Damage Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Armory Level Required Research Time
1 239 2,893 12,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 281 3,442 18,000 12,100,000 8 16 days

KC Knight 2

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Tier 3 White MageIce WizardKnightDragon
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