"Blowing up walls is his specialty."

Level 1


  • Demolitionist is an essential troop for the destruction of Walls as it deals a large bonus damage to Walls (55x).
  • The Demolitionis is a wolf like creature that can't help but to blow stuff up!

Offensive StrategyEdit

  • Demolitionists are generally used to destroy Walls. An effective use of this troop is to have them breach Walls then introducing bears to destroy the Defensive Buildings inside then releasing either Archers, Warriors or Thieves to finish the job. Also the introduction of a singular Demolitionist against walls is very uneffective as it is highly likely he will not make it to destroy the walls. A more effective numbers is roughly 5.
  • A general warning, they tend to die from defenses before they can explode so it's better to drop them after a few Bears or Warriors.

Specific InformationEdit

Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Type Movement Speed Barracks Level Required
Walls (55x) Ground 1 1m 30s Ground 10 4
Level Damage Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Armory Level Required Research Time
1 25 50 1200 N/A N/A N/A
2 33 62 2600 240,000 2 1 day
3 50 74 3800 1,700,000 4 2 days
4 65 86 3,200,000 5 7 days
5 94 98 4000 6

KC DemolitionistDemolitionist (Level 2)

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